The Love Alliance

The Love Alliance (T.L.A.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed in June of 2007. The organization works to educate individuals on various issues of social injustice such as world poverty, clean water, the AIDS epidemic, human trafficking, homelessness, the environment, and oppression. The organization then takes this knowledge and puts it to work through monthly action projects, community groups, events and partnerships.

In today’s society it is fashionable to be socially conscious. The Love Alliance aims to take social justice beyond a trend by working to integrate justice into who an individual is rather than something he or she is involved with for a short time. The Love Alliance strongly asserts that each individual has the innate ability to use their giftings and resources to substantially impact injustice in the world.

The Love Alliance team travels frequently to schools, conferences, music festivals and various events to spread the vision of T.L.A. In the midst of the organization’s summer 2008 tour which visited several major music festivals around the United States, The Love Alliance was awarded a Myspace Impact Award under the category of Social Justice. MTV’s “Engaged & Underage” cameras were present when T.L.A. founders were notified of the award, allowing countless individuals watching to celebrate along side them.

In 2008 The Love Alliance was able to distribute over 50,000 flyer cards with information on social injustice and each individual’s ability to make a difference towards these issues. In 2009 the organization hopes to double this amount.

Currently there are over 50 Love Alliance groups in four different countries. These groups are T.L.A.’s hands and feet on the ground. The groups are equipped with educational resources and monthly action projects to begin incorporating social activism into the fabric of their communities. They vigorously work each month to make a difference towards injustice. These groups are the heart of our organization and we are proud to say that our heart is growing every day.

The Love Alliance is working to develop a curriculum on social justice issues that will be made available to schools and groups. Our organization has found that while individuals are passionate to impact world injustices, many times he or she has a very limited understanding of the issues, making it difficult for them to maintain their passion. This curriculum will serve to sustain and develop individual’s passion to make a difference towards social injustice as it will empower individuals with a strong base of knowledge on the subjects while equipping them with ways they can incorporate activism in their every day life.

Join The Love Alliance today to make your voice heard and our voice louder.


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