About Me

I am an ordinary teen with an extraordinary God. I believe in the power of the Gospel, hope, grace, and love. I believe in my generation and am confident that God will use us in radical ways as only He can.

God loves you, and I believe in you.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Right before my eyes, you have grown up. I am awed by the way that God is working in your life Adam. And I am proud to be your Grammy Penny.

  2. I love this blog! And I think its amazing that a teen just like me represents God the way you do. i love seeing young people in their teens and even younger live for God and love him with their whole heart. Keep allowing God to work through you to reach others.

  3. You tweeted:
    “I used to hope I would be the next guy to turn the world upside down, but actually I’m pretty sure it will be @kids_got_heart. I like that.”
    I like that too!
    As a senior higher (Larios!!!), I saw you around at Lake Ann last summer, but I don’t think I ever talked to you. But this is evident: you have a passion for God as I want to have.
    There is a website that I think might interest you: http://www.therebelution.com
    Check it out man.

    Stand firm in the faith.

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