The Only

If you have talked to me at all within the last year or so, it was probably pretty evident that I am very outspoken about dating and priorities. God was gracious enough to let me know that He was not my number one priority and therefore I was not ready for a dating relationship. The last few months have been that constant conversation and whenever someone talks about love, I like to make sure that they know that God should be the only being that we seek satisfaction from and that He should be our only priority. 

I’m 98% sure that I was 99% annoying. 

And I really do believe God should be our only priority and the only being that satisfies us, but the problem was I wasn’t exactly living like it through ALL the little compartments in my life. Sure, I was working on Him being the only real priority in dating relationships (which haven’t really existed) but the other parts of my life He seemed to slip down beyond the top.

God shouldn’t just be my number one priority, He really should be my only priority. I wasn’t seeking Him out like I should. I would be working on making Him priority number one in one part of my life, but neglect the other areas. It seemed that every time I got a grasp on one part, I would need to begin working on another. It is still that way.

But I’m working on it, because God is incredibly patient and gracious. 

God doesn’t want to be the first priority in my relationship with the female gender, but my only priority throughout my whole life.

It’s a constant fight and journey, but God is gracious and loving, even in my mistakes.


One thought on “The Only

  1. Good post. It’s easy to let God work in one area of our lives but it’s difficult to let him work in every area. I’m glad that our God is patient and gracious like you said. Otherwise he probably would’ve been done with us a long time ago.

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