We Could Lose It All, But At Least We Get It All

This semester, I am assigned to read “Radical” by David Platt for my Christian Missions class. I’m pretty excited about it. In fact, it’s already making me think, which in turn, usually gets me to write/tweet. 

He starts off the book with talking about how Jesus pretty much tells those who want to follow Him that their lives are about to get really hard. They have to leave their comfortable lives and join Him as a homeless man. They are not guaranteed much except that it won’t be easy. 

As followers of Christ, we are called to literally pick up an instrument of torture and follow Him. He asks us to give up our desires and the things we love to follow Him. However, in doing that, we get everything out of losing it all. 

Jesus is all we need. 

When we give up what we desire and let Him take over, we’re getting the only thing worth living for. Jesus. We’re getting a life that may be uncomfortable and painful, but we’re also getting the God who is in control of it all. We’re getting the hope of mankind. 

So while life gets hard, we get Jesus. 

A radical life of following Jesus to wherever He takes us will take us to places we could never imagine. It also takes us to Jesus.

And that’s all that really matters. Jesus.


2 thoughts on “We Could Lose It All, But At Least We Get It All

  1. Radical is an awesome, motivating, and convicting book. I’m also reading it as part of my small group bible study at school. So cool to see that it’s making an impact in the lives of numerous people

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