A Bold Faith in a Bold God

It seems that ever day a new fiasco happens. We have shootings, a gradual decay of our rights, and sin filling every empty space in our world. It’s easy to see the darkness and to get caught up in it. But I fear the more we do that, the less we see the hands of God holding us all together. You see, no matter how dark things get, there is always light. The light of Jesus. If He is truly our hope, then we are never without light; we are never without hope.

It would be ignorant to say there isn’t darkness. There is. But to say there is no hope and no light, is far more ignorant.  Christian, the God of the universe holds us in His strong hands and He won’t be letting go. No matter what happens, good or bad, we can know that He is in control.

It is a lot easier said than done, but it must be done. To be a Christian without a true faith that God is in control is a hopelessly lonely way to live while in the arms of God.

He’s got us. He always has and always will. Let us with bold faith, knowing God is in control and nothing happens without His knowing, for we serve a bold God.

The darker things appear, the bigger the opportunity for light to shine.


One thought on “A Bold Faith in a Bold God

  1. Amen! Well said. God is in control and right there with us no matter what we have to face. When the darkness spreads, so must His love. His love shines a light in the darkest of places.

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