The Sweet Love of God

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today about the love of God.

It’s an indescribably complex topic of thought and discussion. I can’t do it justice in the least. But I know that His love is the purest of loves. It is one that cannot be competed with.

The love of God is sweet. No one is out of His love’s boundaries. The worst of sinners is welcomed with open arms into the love of God. The best, morally good person is welcome, though he will find his goodness is but dirty rags compared to the goodness of God in His love.

The love of God is beauty at its purest. A life that has not been touched by love of God has simply not existed. Everyone, believers or not, has been touched by the love of God in more ways than even describable here.

The love of God is accepting, but those being loved by Him will not go without change. God accepts all people, but He will not accept sin in His presence. He loves us too much to see us ruled by the sin He has freed us from. God despises sin. His children are expected to pursue holiness over sin. Like all great fathers, His love comes with consequence to those who do not obey. However, He does not reign with a paddle in hand, waiting to strike. His love brings us chance after chance. Sure, we will mess up and we will be messy.

But that’s what makes God’s love so sweet.

God knew when He built the Earth that we wouldn’t get it right and we would continue to mess up.

That’s why He sent Jesus!

Jesus became human, died on a cross, and rose again to show us that He loves us! He did all that to prove His love and to free us from bondage!

If you are struggling tonight with a sin of some sort, can I ask you to tell someone? Can I ask you to give it over to God? He doesn’t want you to suffer from the bondage sin holds you with. In fact, He loves you enough to hang on with you. Give it over to Him and let Him beat it for you.

That is the sweet love of God.

A love so pure, nothing can rid us of it. A love that bears all things with us. A love that fights all things for us. A love that loves again and again, no matter how many redoes we have to go through.

The sweet love of God is truly the only “true love” that will satisfy.

Embrace the unfailing, beautiful, sweet love of God tonight.


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